About Aerial Dimensions Serving the albany, ny area with custom. quality, and professional aerial services

Aerial Dimensions was created in 1992 by Michael Townsend, as the marriage of two of his favorite activities, piloting and photography.

photography by Michael Townsend
  • Michael has been providing quality aerial photos since 1992
  • re-route Washington Ave around SUNY Nanotech complex


Michael has been creating images since 1992. He has over twenty years of aviation experience as Michaela commercial pilot and flight instructor. On most missions, he acts as both photographer and pilot, and his vast knowledge of flight, airspace, regulations, and photography assures that you will receive the photographs you need.

Clients: Global Foundries, Marini Builders, Golub Corp., Axiom Capital, Nigro Development, D A Collins, LG Constructors, Mohawk Honda, AP Construction, Rite Aid, Yum! Brands, local homeowners and businesses, and many more. ( Thank you! )

Custom Aerial Photography Your site, being shown as only an aerial view can be shown.

Aerial photography offers a unique view to the world, and most importantly, of your site.

We have flown sites such as: apartment complexes, industrial sites, large retail corridors, accident scenes, construction progress, universities, news events..

Uses: brochures, websites, large murals, real estate transactions, litigation, media, contractor communications, parking lot counts...



How to order

We need to know:

  • Location / Description
  • Surroundings
  • Boundaries

Tell us what you need to show in the photo:

  • Location close-ups
  • Surrounding retail / traffic access
  • Vertical view (as overhead) or oblique out-the-window view

How will the image be shown:

  • 8"x10" ish size prints
  • Large printed mural
  • Display advertising
  • Digital only

Construction Progress Aerials

Our construction progress photography has become a cornerstone of our business. This product allows the client a view of the entire project. These photos, delivered in print or digital format within hours of flight, prove to be a valuable tool in communications between contractors, owners, tenants, and for the marketing department.
Our construction progress package provides 12+ views of the site to include an over-all view, and selected close-up views of various phases. These dated photos capture your progress at regular intervals, from land acquisition to final completion.

Within hours of flight:

  • Images: Delivered quickly via FTP upload to be shared with contractors, owners, bank, ...
  • Prints: We can quickly deliver quality prints in sizes 8" x 10", 17" x 22", and larger
  • Archived copy: Images can be burned to cd and mailed slow or overnight
  • Digital labeling: Need directional arrows, site name, date, logos

Paddocks of Saratogabridge albany CESTM construction

Architectural Photos

Need to market a property for sale? How about document your project at various stages of construction? Maybe it is time to create that online or print brochure for your new apartment complex. And surely you want to display the best photos possible for the new half-million + home you are about to list for your client.

Aerial Dimensions would like to provide our professional service of Architectural photography. We can shoot your site inside, outside, and from above, to display your project in its best light.

It is important to realize that an expensive camera is not all it takes to create a winning image. We take pride in proper exposure, lighting, focus, and attention to detail. Don't waste you first impression, and next job opportunities, on poor photography! Call us!

Stock and Scenic libraryWe may already have what you are looking for

Aerial Dimensions keeps a limited stock library of prior projects and popular locations. If you are looking for a common retail corridor, such as Saratoga Exit 15, or Colonie Wolf Road, then we likely have it in our files. If you are in need of some fresh conference room imagery of local fare, be it artistic or local interest, please ask us. Our upcoming blog page will keep you informed of new common stock locations, and offer special limited-time pricing.